The countdown to Labor Day Weekend 2023 is on, and guess what? Gatlinburg, TN is gearing up to throw the most spectacular celebration you won’t want to miss! Let’s dive into the delightful whirlwind of fun awaiting you in this charming mountain town we call home. 

Take in the Views

First things first – Gatlinburg’s breathtaking backdrop of the Smoky Mountains is always there to greet you with open arms. However, during Labor Day Weekend, nature throws on an extra splash of color as the trees begin to hint at the autumnal transformation ahead. It’s the perfect time for a leisurely hike, a scenic drive, or even a daring zipline adventure that takes you soaring above the treetops. Feel the cool mountain breeze kiss your cheeks as you embrace the upcoming autumn season! 


Parades & Events 

But wait, there’s more! The heart of Gatlinburg pulses with exciting energy during Labor Day Weekend. Picture this: streets lined with people and decked-out golf carts covering the streets. Camp Rivers Landing is hosting a golf cart parade and pool day! Make sure to reserve your spot for a poolside dance party!


Experience Attractions

For families, young and young-at-heart, Gatlinburg serves up a whimsical wonderland of attractions that’ll make your heart race with joy. From Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, where you can marvel at marine life, to the mystical world of Anakeesta’s treetop adventures, there’s no shortage of enchanting experiences. Be sure to explore the Space Needle’s observation deck, where you can enjoy panoramic views that stretch as far as your imagination can take you. 


Good Eats

Now, let’s talk about a universal delight – food! Gatlinburg’s dining scene is as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you’re a die-hard foodie seeking culinary innovation or simply in the mood for a hearty Southern feast, this town’s got your taste buds covered. Sink your teeth into the most indulgent pancake stacks for breakfast, savor local barbecue for lunch, and savor a gourmet dinner with an artistic twist. And don’t forget to treat yourself to an assortment of sweet confections that’ll satisfy! 

Firework Frenzy 

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Smoky Mountain’s Labor Day Weekend festivities crescendo into an awe-inspiring firework display that’ll light up your night and your soul. Find a cozy spot along the Parkway or stake your claim on an inviting mountain perch to see the sky explode with colors and patterns that mirror the magic of the Smoky Mountains themselves. 


So, dear adventurers, the Tennessee Smoky Mountains are primed to offer you an unforgettable Labor Day Weekend experience that’ll leave you with a heart full of memories and a camera roll brimming with vibrant snapshots. As the summer season bids adieu and autumn beckons from the wings, seize this opportunity to revel in the beauty, culture, and jubilation that make the Smokies a treasure trove of fun waiting to be discovered. Get ready to explore, indulge, and be swept away in the Labor Day adventure extravaganza of 2023! Don’t forget – if you need a place to call home during your stay, check out our treehouses!

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