Welcome to the enchanting world of the Smokies! 

If you’re plotting your journey to Gatlinburg, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we’ve compiled a list of those must-do & must-see experiences! 

  • Explore Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Imagine and forest with 800 miles of winding trails, leading you to cascading waterfalls, mirror-like lakes, and lush, green forests. This is the perfect destination for explorers craving a daring hike or a daydreamer seeking a leisurely stroll. 
  • Ride the Gatlinburg SkyLift: Picture yourself soaring on a 2.1-mile aerial cable car that whisks you away from downtown Gatlinburg and perches you atop Mount Skidmore. From there, the views are spellbinding – the Smoky Mountains spread out before you like a painting. 
  • Visit Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies: Step into a wonderland of aquatic wonders where over 10,000 delightful creatures from across the globe swim in harmony; see sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and even penguins waddling about in their tuxedos! 
  • Go whitewater rafting: Seeking an exhilarating thrill? Let the Little Pigeon River be your guide as you brave the rushing waters in a daring whitewater rafting adventure. Brace yourself for laughs, splashes, and unforgettable memories! 
  • Visit the Space Needle: Rise to new heights atop a 407-foot-tall observation tower – the legendary Space Needle. The vistas are straight from a dream, offering panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains and beyond. And that’s not all – you can dine in a revolving restaurant, treating your taste buds to a feast with views that spin 360 degrees! 
  • Sample the local moonshine: In the heart of Gatlinburg, discover a secret world of distilled magic. The Smoky Mountains have a storied history of moonshine, and now you can taste the elixirs crafted by talented distillers. Sample away and let the spirits of the mountains tickle your senses! 
  • Go shopping: Prepare to be shocked by Gatlinburg’s shopping paradise. With a plethora of charming shops and boutiques, you’ll uncover treasures ranging from whimsical souvenirs to that perfect pair of jeans. It’s a shopping spree fit for an adventurer! 
  • Catch a show: The enchantment doesn’t stop when the sun sets. Gatlinburg’s theaters are portals to a world of magic and entertainment; from astonishing magic shows to sidesplitting comedies, you’re sure the find something up your alley! 

These are only a few of the wonders that await you in Gatlinburg. No matter what stirs your soul, this mountain town is sure to keep you busy in the best kind of way! 

So, heed the call of adventure and let the Smokies work their magic on your heart! 

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