Love is in the air at Treehouse Grove! Gatlinburg offers a natural wonderland as the backdrop for your unforgettable proposal, and our luxurious treehouses provide the perfect cozy and romantic setting to pop the question. Need some inspiration to make your proposal truly magical? Look no further! 

Sunrise Serenade 

Surprise your sweetheart with a pre-dawn wake-up call (with coffee, of course!). Head to the balcony of your treehouse and serenade them with a love song (or play a recording if singing isn’t your forte). As the sun paints the Smoky Mountains with vibrant hues, get down on one knee and ask for their forever. 

Dinner Under the Stars 

Plan a romantic picnic dinner on the balcony of your treehouse. String fairy lights for a touch of whimsy, pack a gourmet spread, and uncork a bottle of bubbly. Once the stars come out, create a dazzling display with glow sticks or write a special message with candles. When the moment feels right, present the ring under the twinkling night sky.

Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek | Gatlinburg, TN

Cozy Fireside Proposal 

On a cooler evening, arrange for a crackling fire to be lit in the firepit of your treehouse. After a relaxing day exploring Gatlinburg, snuggle up with your partner by the fire. Share stories about your love journey, express your unwavering love, and then present the ring with the firelight creating a warm and intimate ambiance. 

Scavenger Hunt with a View 

Turn your proposal into a playful adventure! Leave a trail of clues hidden throughout the Treehouse Grove, each one leading to a special memory or meaningful location. The final clue, of course, should lead them back to your treehouse balcony, where you’ll be waiting on one knee with the ring. 

Two deck chairs with wine glasses on the table next to them

Your love story doesn’t end with the proposal; Treehouse Grove can also be the enchanting setting for your wedding! Imagine exchanging vows amidst the whispering pines, surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas. We’ve teamed up with Norton Creek Resort to offer elopements and intimate weddings in our treehouses! Click the button below to learn more! 

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