Treehouse Grove offers a unique treehouse experience – one that blends the magic of the forest with the luxurious comforts of a modern hotel. While a treehouse vacation is already an awe-inspiring experience, our interiors will surprise you with their comforts and amenities.  

Luxury Meets Nature 

Our treehouses are designed to be an extension of the natural world. We use warm wood and natural fibers to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Expansive windows blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, inviting the beauty of the forest in. Curl up with a book in a leather couch positioned next to a window, or enjoy a morning coffee on a private balcony surrounded by the treetops. 

Inside Phase 1 and Phase 2

No two treehouses at Treehouse Grove are exactly alike. Each one boasts a unique design aesthetic, allowing you to choose the perfect atmosphere for your getaway. Here, we’ll delve into the distinct personalities of our two phases: 

By the Creek:

These treehouses embody a rustic elegance. Picture cuddly blankets, woodsy atmosphere, and comfortable furniture with a touch of modern luxury. Perfect for a romantic escape or a restorative solo retreat, the cozy interiors create a feeling of being tucked away in a secluded nook amidst the trees. They feature private decks with the sounds of the nearby Norton Creek providing a tranquil soundtrack to your stay. 

Mountain View:

These treehouses embrace a modern and bright aesthetic. Clean lines, sleek furniture, and expansive windows take center stage, maximizing the breathtaking panoramic views of the Smoky Mountains. They are ideal for those seeking a nature escape without sacrificing modern design. These treehouses boast additional amenities like hot tubs, cooking kitchens, and an outdoor pizza oven. 

Special Touches 

Every treehouse, regardless of style, is equipped with the amenities you deserve for a truly luxurious stay. High-thread-count linens, queen beds, and full bathrooms ensure your comfort. 

Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek | Gatlinburg, TN

More Than a Treehouse Resort

Our treehouses are more than just a place to sleep; they are sanctuaries designed to inspire, rejuvenate, and reconnect you with nature. Whether you crave rustic charm, whimsical wonder, or modern simplicity, Treehouse Grove has a space waiting to capture your heart. 

Ready to start planning your dream treehouse escape? Browse our website to find your perfect match! 

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