Looking to take a trip to the mountains, but you’re not sure where to stay? We’ve got you covered. With all the options available nowadays, booking a trip to the mountains can become overwhelming, taking the joy out of your experience. So, we’re here to break it down for you. Should you stay in a treehouse or a cabin? Let’s find out…

Child-Like Fun

Treehouses are not just for kids anymore! We’ve redefined the standard by creating luxury treehouses designed with you in mind. Nature meets luxury at Treehouse Grove.


Life in a treehouse is all about fun, laughter and relaxation. You won’t check your phone to see the latest TikTok trend or log into work. You’ll be enjoying your experience in nature – it’s too unique not to!

Create Memories

The greatest part about staying in a treehouse is the life-long memories you’re going to make. This unique experience is going to bond you with your loved ones and become a topic of conversation for years to come!

Large Spaces

Big gatherings full of family and friends soothe the soul, but they aren’t great for smaller spaces. If you’ve invited more than 10 people, you’re going to want to opt for a cabin simply for the space.

Full Kitchen

If you love to cook and plan to cook during your stay, you’re going to want a rental that has everything you’ll need. Almost every cabin you’ll find is going to have a full kitchen ready to be stocked with your favorite foods.


The great thing about a cabin rental is that you can customize your experience – by that, we mean that you can pick whatever amenities you want. With so many options available, you’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

Have you decided what best fits your needs? We can get you set up! If you’re interested in booking a treehouse, click here! If you’d prefer a cabin, Ayres Vacation Rentals has many cabins and mountain homes that may be more your style.